Monday, May 20, 2013


Visit the website listed above and answer the following questions in Microsoft Word.  You will print these towards the end.

1.  Copy and Paste 3 items that are for KIDS and ADULTS (You should have 6 photos)
2.  Demographics:  You are trying to sell an item to 11 - 13 year old students at PCMS.  Out of all of the items, which item do you think would sell best?

Choose One Item and copy and paste the photo
3.  What would you name this item and why?  
4.  What product would be your competition?
5.  How much would you charge for this product?
6.  What stores would you sell this product in?
7.  Name two ways you would advertise this product.
8.  What makes your product unusual?  What makes it stick out from the rest?
9.   What would you change about this product?  (Could it come in more colors, sizes, scents, etc)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

NC Top Jobs

Mikey - What salary is associated with Mikey's job?
Zyaja - What is the job description of this career?
Taylor  - What is the education required for this job?
Chase - What is the work Environment for this job?
Trevor - What is the job description for this career?
Bobby - What is the job description for this career?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bizarre Foods

A lot of people don't realize that Andrew Zimmern is a chef, food writer, and teacher!  Careers in the food services (hospitality and tourism career cluster) can cover a wide variety of food based jobs.

Fried Tarantula 

Shark and Bake


Please answer ONE question from EACH video.  You should have THREE questions answered when you're finished.

1.  Andrew Z. gets to travel all around the world, where would you like to travel and why?
2.  Would you try this meal, why?  What if it was prepared in a real restaurant?

Shark and Bake
1.  Would you try a shark burger?  Do you think a shark burger is really a bizarre food?
2.  Living on the coast, do you think this kind of business would do well where we live and why?

1.  What dish would you try and why?
2.  Thailand's culture comes out in it's food.  What was one example that Andrew Z. shared with you?

Dirty Jobs

Dirty Jobs, a TV show on Discovery channel,  follows Mike Rowe as he performs the duties of the dirtiest jobs in the USA.  Mike Rowe is a TV Host, narrator (Deadliest Catch, Shark Week, Ford Commercials), and an Activist.  

Mike Rowe believes in bringing attention to the shrinking Blue Collar Trades jobs.  He, along with a few bigger Associations, are trying to create manufacturing jobs for Americans.


Sky Scrappers 


Please answer ONE question from EACH video.  You should have THREE questions answered when you're finished.


1.  Do you consider yourself an animal person and why?  Would you work with a Liger?

2.  Animal science are fun and exciting careers dealing with the care and research of animals.  If you worked in a zoo, what animals would you really want to work with and why?

High Rise Window Washer
1.  Are you afraid of heights?  Would this be something you'd try and why?
2.  Name three skills you'd need to be successful at this job.

1.  What were the medical benefits from leeches discussed in the video?
2.  How many different kinds of leeches are there discussed in the video?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Food Services


Food Services is ranked number 2 on the fastest growing job list in North Carolina?  Not only that, but restaurants are the number one fastest growing business in North Carolina!

Essential Questions:  

1. What are the top three growing careers in North Carolina?
2. What does someone with a career in food services do?

Papa's Taco Mia 
Papa's Wingeria
Papa's Hot Doggeria 
Papa's Pancakeria
Papa's Burgeria
Papa's Freezaria

Please answer ALL the following questions in complete sentences at the bottom of this post.

1.  Many people who work in the food services say that their job is very stressful.  After playing Papa's Taco Mia, why do you think someone would say that?

2.  Name two skills (what do you need to be good at?) you'd need to have in real life to be in food services and why?  

3.  Name two interests (What hobbies would this person have?) you'd need to have in real life to be in food services and why?

4.  Multitasking (doing multiple things at once) is key when it comes to working in food services.  What did you multitask while playing Papa's Taco Mia?  Was it frustrating at time, why?

5.  How do you think you'd respond to rude or picky customers?  Will you be nicer to people who serve your food?  (CONSIDER THIS:  Is the customer always right?  What if it was YOUR business and reputation on the line?)

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